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stamped// survey

Spring or Fall? fall
Spring or Winter? spring
Spring or Summer? summer
What baby animals do you look forward to seeing in Spring time? bunnies
Have you had Spring break yet? already over.
What did you do/are you going to do? went to Nevada to visit my boyfriend's parents.
Have you ever had a "crazy" party filled Spring Break? no
Do you watch Spring Break on MTV? back in high school
What's your favorite thing about Spring> flowers
Is your birthday close to Spring time? not really
Is it hot where you live during Spring time? nope
Have you ever participated in Spring cleaning? yes
Is there anything you look forward to in the Spring time? growing plants
What is your favorite flower? hibiscus
What weather do you associate with Spring? cold but sunny here in colorado.
Animal? bunny

1. I have long hair.
2. I bite my fingernails.
3. I love fantasy movies.
4. Sometimes I wish I were a bird so I could fly far far away.
5. I own more than one tv.
6. I'm afraid of the dark.
7. I'm scared of spiders.
8. I like prawns.
9. I suffer from migraines.
10. I like dark poetry.
11. I've watched Batman Begins.
12. I've called a teacher mum/dad.
13 I'm left handed.
14. I believe in reincarnation.
15. I've seen a ufo.
16. I've had a panic attack.
17. I like trees.
18. I prefer spring to summer.
19. I moisturise my face.
20. I think global warming is load of rubbish.
21. I'm happy with the size of my feet.
22. I hate opera.
23. I watch soaps.
24. I watch the news.
25. I like having my photo taken.
26. I've broken a bone.
27. I've nursed an injured animal.
28. I dressed up as a nurse when I was little.
29. I heard someone call my name once when nobody was there.
30. I know who Sally Field is.

Did you spend your childhood time with mostly real or imaginary friends?: real
Did people consider you an odd child?: no
Do you have memories that go back to when you were only a few months old?: no
Do you remember any thoughts you had when you where very young?: no
Were they intricate or simple thoughts?: adfa;dg
If you answered "intricate", give an example of one of those thoughts: baldfjkjg
Were you dreams very vivid as a child?: /?? i dont know
What is the strangest memory you have from early childhood?: dont have any
Were you a child prodigy or did you display any gifts at a young age?: i was in the gifted and talented program at churchland elementary.
What was the most "grown-up" thing you ever said as a child?: i dont know?
What were your favorite TV shows in early childhood?: cartoons
Were you afraid of monsters?: no
Did you believe that fictional characters were real?: no
Were you more quiet and artistic or loud and physical?: quiet

Completely Obtuse And Silly Questions

Have you ever taken something apart just to see how it worked? Explain: a lighter. then i put it back together. the end. (not a bic)
Do you ever yell at the television while you are alone?: sometimes.
Name a few things (if any) that you bought on Ebay recently: never have
Do you watch the Science Channel (Discovery) on a regular basis?: science, no.
Ever gotten into an "in person" argument with a total stranger? um no?
Sugar or Honey?: honey
What's on your desk right now?: i dont have a desk.
How many e-mails do you recieve a day?: about 3 sometimes more, sometimes less
Do you think that time travel is a possibility?: no
Have you ever had a past life regression?: what no
Are you slightly addicted to online tests and surveys?: not really
San Francisco or New York City?: san fran
Are you really a famous person undercover on Live Journal?: no
Are you really an alien spectator studying the human condition via LJ?: lol no
What are your favorite color combinations?: green and pink or pink and brown
Close your eyes and type the first random image that pops into your head: scion car cause it was just on tv...
Do you enjoy night or day better?: day
Favorite animal: dogs
Have you ever been to a protest?: nope
Aggravated a cop on purpose?: yes
Worst decision you ever made?: aggravated that cop.
Ever gone train hopping/ridden the rails?: no. that's stupid.
Best invention of this century? Worst?: i dont really know.. this current century is only 8 years in and i dont think they've invented anything ... you know... useful. maybe the hybrid cars.
If you could choose a time period in which to live, which would it be?: the tudor period. or the 1940's or 1950's
Ever put your hand through a window?: through a window when it is closed or open?
List a few words you hate the sound of: curse words. you know what they are, i dont need to list them
And a few you like the sound of: peeps

Emotions And Such

Cutting?: people that do that... UGH.. whatever .
Do you get violent when you are angry?: not anymore
Which emotion are you most consumed by?: im sad a lot lately
Are you highly emotive?: yeah
Do you discuss problems or keep them to yourself?: discuss
Do you fall in love easily?: yes
What age/year was the most difficult for you?: senior year of high school.
How do you channel your anger/sadness?: crying or sulking
Ever been addicted to alcohol or drugs?: no
Ever been homeless?: no
List a few simple things that make you happy:: zach
When were you most recently your happiest?: i dont know
Do you consider yourself empathetic?: most of the time.


Describe your best friend as if you were describing a character from a film: im sick and i dont feel like it
Do you have friends that are drastically different from each other?: yes
List a few key traits that all of your friends have in common: sense of humor
Do you keep in touch with friends from highschool?: nope
Are they mostly local or long distance?: local.
When you go out with friends, what kinds of things do you do?: just.. hanging out.
Have you ever been betrayed by a close friend?: yes
If yes, are you still friends with that person?: nope
Are your friends mostly your age, younger or older?: my age or older. usually older. im always the baby
Do you have a hard time making friends because most people bore you?: yes
Do you like to hang out with friends one-on-one or in groups?: one on one
Which of your online friends do you have the most in common with?: online friends? none of those.


Are you close to your family?: yes
What traits are you glad you inherited from them?: my skin tone
Which traits are you pissed off you inherited from them?: some of my personality traits
What sitcom does your family most remind you of?: hah.. they haven't thought of a sitcom that depressing or annoying yet.
Does your family live locally or far away?: both.
Have you ever stopped speaking to someone in your family?: yes
Have either of your parents died?: nope
Is your family very much like you or are you opposites?: opposites in some ways.
How many siblings do you have?: 1 real brother. the rest are step or half.
Has your family ever thrown food at each other?: nope
Are the holidays a nightmare or a time of joy?: time of joy and stress
Do you look like your parents?: sort of. yes
List one interesting fact about your family: divorce is not interesting but we're the average example of a bad divorce.


Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual or no idea?: straight
Married/partnered?: partnered
Ever gone out with someone you were embarrassed to be seen with?: yes
Ever broken someones heart?: yes
How many serious relationships have you had?: 3
Do you believe in monogamy?: yes
Have you ever lusted obsessively over someone you knew you couldn't have?: um no
Do you believe in the theory of soulmates?: yes
Ever cheated?: yes
Been cheated on?: yes
Thrown someones stuff out on the lawn/stairs/etc.?: yes
Had your stuff thrown out on the lawn/stairs/etc.?: nope
Most important emotional qualities of a lover?: even-tempered.
Most important physical qualities?: eyes

Food & Drink

Non-alcoholic beverage of choice:: iced tea
Alcoholic beverage of choice:: dont know? haven't drank in a while and i dont plan to till my 21st birthday in july. i'm holding out.
Foods you crave on a regular basis:: candy
Salsa and Chips or Pita and Hummus?: salsa and chips
Meat or Tofu?: meat
Soup or Salad?: soup
Soda or Juice?: juice
Can I get you anything else?: wedge fries
Favorite candy:: nerds or sour straws
Favorite food to make:: tostadas
Food brand that you hate?: dunno
Do you try to buy all organic?: no
Favorite quick food?: taco bell

Would You Rather...

Eat a steak or a whole tube of toothpaste?: steak
Be covered in papercuts or cigarette burns?: ewww niether please
Be perceived as intelligent or street-smart (but not both)?: intelligent
Eat a bottle cap or a spider the size of a bottle cap?: bottle cap
Be ruled exclusively by your heart or your mind?: heart
Have the power to read minds or make anyone fall in love with you?: read minds
Chew shards of broken glass or sit on a lighted barbeque grill?: errr neither
Not be able to tell the time or not know left from right?: tell time
Be able to fly or be able to render yourself invisible?: fly
Eat 15 feet of aluminum foil or swallow 3 steel guitar strings?: what i dont like this eating stuff
Have questionable integrity or no sense of humor?: err
Always spit when you talk or always be spit on while spoken to?: ...
Granted the answers to any 3 questions or ability to resurrect one person?: dunno

Final Questions

Ever had a great song ruined for you after it was used in a commercial?: yes
Ever yelled at an SUV?: no
A Hummer?: nope
Ever faked being sick to get out of going somewhere?: yes
Horror film that freaked you out the most?: texas chain saw
Horror film that is so scary, you could not be paid to watch it again.: the descent
List 3 things that are worrying you right now: life life and life
Are you sick of this survey yet?: yes
How long have you been on LJ?: i dont know
Ever brought a lawsuit against a company?: yes (apartments)
Ever sang at a Karaoke bar?: nope
What was the worst concert you ever went to?: backstreet boys dragged to by my mom
The best?: no doubt when gwen had pink hair or incubus
Do you think you'll ever have children if you don't already?: yes
Do you think there is life on other planets?: maybe in another galaxy...seeing as there is more galaxies than just the milky way. it's a scientific fact. there has to be at least one more planet with life... has to.
Have you ever saved a dying animal?: no
Most disgusting thing you have ever "found" in your food:: a bug in a bag of frozen peas and carrots when i was little. my parents called the company.
Have you ever broken a leg or arm?: arm yes
Would you rather stay in the house or do things outside: house
David Letterman or Jay Leno?: neither
Last words?: nada
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