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Inner beauty rating community.

Here at beauty_insiders, we don't care if you're just hot. You have to be smart, too. Get accepted an enjoy: advice columns, anonymous 'post-secret-like' entries, original surveys, themes and contests, fashion and beauty tips and so much more!

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Questions? Ask frail_delusion (HERE).

Must be at least 13 to apply.
Make application entry public.
Apply within 48 hours of joining.
Make the subject read "Application."
Replace the lj-cut text: "I can't follow directions" to "Am I an Insider?"

If you are applying for an auto-accept, fill out THIS application: (You don't have to change anything in the application)

Leaving without making an entry WILL get you banned.
Be honest to applicants. Not rude.
Make ALL entries public.
Must complete a total of 45 points per month.
No nudity in photos.
No promoting other communities.
Make an entry if you're going on a hiatus.
Write "Stamped + (activity name)" in the subject of your entries.
Have fun!

Hot or Not: 4 points / optional 5 points
Each week, a photo of a female and male celebrity will be posted. Vote whether you think they are 'hot,' 'not,' or 'in between.' Comment to the entry with why you voted the way you did and receive 5 extra points!

Daily Photo- 5 points
Post one picture of yourself (pictures larger than 300 X 300 behind a cut) doing something that relates to your day. Write a short paragraph about your day that is related to your photo. What did you do that day? This activity can be repeated once per day.

Member questions: 5 points/5 points
Do you see a member that interests you? Want to know a couple things about them? Post their member photo in a public entry with questions for them to answer. Once that member has been tagged, it is now their turn to chose another member they want to ask questions about.

Hot or Not Fashion Edition: 6 points / optional 5 points
Each week, a photo of a female and male fashion trend will be posted. Vote whether you think their outfit is 'hot,' 'not,' or 'in between!' Comment to the entry with reasoning behind your votes and receive 5 extra points.

Pay a member a compliment: 5 points
Think a member is good looking? Or like something about the stuff he or she is posting? Or wearing? Whatever it is, pay them a compliment! Post their picture in a public entry with your compliment for 5 points. The member who is receiving the compliment will also receive 5 points.

Post Secret Confessions- 8 points if not anonymous.
Place a secret on a photo like the post secret books. If you need examples, click here. Submit your secret here. Feel free to keep entries anonymous unless you want points. All entries will be screened so the only one who will know who posted the secrets is myself. Your identity WILL be kept secret when it comes time to posting the secrets. The secrets can relate to the weekly theme or to anything you feel like revealing.

Text entry: 10 points
Write a public entry about anything you desire! (You can write about your day, or even ask our opinions on an important matter!)

Write us a note- 10 pts
Handwrite a note about ANYTHING and snap a photo of it. Post the picture of your note and post it in a public entry behind a cut.

Surveys- 15 points
Three surveys will be posted per week with the value of five points each. One of the three surveys will relate to the weekly theme while the other two will be random. Weekly surveys are posted in this entry.

Scavenger Hunt: points vary
Once a week, a mod will post a scavenger hunt related to the weekly theme. One point per question would be awarded.

**Additional points:
All members will be given one point every time they vote for or against a member and two points every time they comment on another member's entries.


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